Cherishing our Past for a Brighter Future

Our Story

The LaRue Hot Springs Museum evolved from a group of "grassroots" citizens in 2005. We met weekly, identifying our goals and our mission: to create a museum that would preserve the struggles and successes of the people who settled this area. We wanted to create a space where visitors could peruse articles from the past and learn how the cultures that existed then, impact our life today.

By 2006, we realized that any of our plans for developing a site for our main museum were costly and beyond our meager funds. Fortunately, Harold and Betty LaRue stepped up and not only gave the museum two acres of property, but also the start-up money so we could build the main museum building. The small, dedicated group of volunteers took it from there and the museum doors officially opened in 2008.

All along the way, we have welcomed the donations of historically significant buildings, vehicles and equipment. Each item helps tell the story of life in this area...halfway between Hog Heaven and Paradise.

If you would like to donate artifacts, or equipment to the museum, visit the donate page to learn more.

2023-2024 Board Members


Sher Loberg

Vice President

Christine Walsvick


Mary Kay Wedgwood


Jerry Kontos


Lisa Reich


Vicki Holmberg


Norah Potts


George Heinselman


Our Location

        Halfway between Hog Heaven and Paradise

166 Hwy 77, Hot Springs, MT

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Our Affiliates

Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

Town of Hot Springs

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